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Student Representative Council

Student Representative Council

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An SRC is defined as “… a group of students elected by their fellow peers [who] represent all students … and organise ways for students to participate and contribute to their school community. (NSW Department of Education and Communities)

At Georges River College Hurstville Boys Campus, the SRC is a group of students elected by their peers to represent the best interests of the student body and be their voice to make a better school.

Our SRC aims to liaise with the school community to collect relevant information, make decisions and implement action in order to improve all aspects of the school community.

Students in the SRC:

·        Act Responsibly… to ensure all students are given a voice

·        Act Respectably… to be inclusive

·        Aim for Excellence… to improve the school community

This year the Student Representative Council and the Student Leadership Team of Georges River College Hurstville Boys Campus have been working closely throughout the year to bring more positive changes to our school.

Students in the SRC meet fortnightly on a recess of a Friday week A to discuss and implement student led strategies. At these meetings the School captain, vice-captain and the Leadership coordinator lead the discussions. These decisions included – the planning of events such as fundraising, SRC meetings, and student led initiatives. Our school values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and EXCELLENCE underpin every meeting and action initiated within our school.

World Vision is one of the fundraisers that GRC-HBC is proud to support every year. The SRC organises fundraising activities to raise funds to sponsor and support our student.

With the new leadership team of 2019 and SRC elected, we look forward to working together as a team, teachers and students, to continue to make a positive impact in our school and in our community.